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We are putting your ideas into perspective. Literally.
STRAVA STUDIO is an architectural visualization team, dedicated to a 3D images and animation production. We are using the latest technology to help you visualize your interior and exterior design, which gives you the opportunity to present your project in the most precise and artistic manner.
Our clients are involved throughout the entire production process, as we are giving our best to achieve the best possible results together. Our comprehensive experience in arch-viz and art directions is at your disposal.
Please feel free to contact us at any moment and we will be glad to introduce you more closer to our workflow.
Present your interior design to your partners or clients, or simply get the idea how your design concept looks like before it is built.
Interior image example
Office building rendering
With the rendered images you can check out your design, proportions, materials etc. You can see how your building affects its surroundings, or use them to promote your property development. 
With 3D floor plans you can perfectly display the entire apartment or house layout with furniture disposition. This way you can get the exact feel for the living area space and proportions, in much more descriptive way than just the technical drawings.
3D floor plan
Houses 3D photomontage
Provide us with your photo made from street view height, or with drone and we will match the image perspective and implement your architectural object seamlessly, This is a great way to show the architectural context of a building.
When one image is just not enough, 360° view is an amazing tool that gives our clients the opportunity to look around the room and zoom in the details. This can give more impressive results than making several images from the same space.
We can help you with presenting your products in the best way possible with images or video animations. You can send us your product's technical documentation or 3D model, and you can leave the creative part to our experienced team.
One of the most accessible ways to show your design to your clients is to play them the video of the interiors or exteriors of the unbuilt architectural projects. Send us your projects and we will make the walkthrough anim
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